Shaun Ellison

My work is largely inspired by the textures of the urban landscape, particularly graffiti. Texture in the city breathes and enigmatically shapes the environment where it appears. In my work on canvas, the textures become the subject matter as they form the life of the painting. I am also inspired by African stone carvings and the raw free expression of tribal arts which speak the language of spirit and ritual.

Largely influenced by both abstraction and Neo-Expressionism, particularly aspects related to spirituality and the subconscious. For me, these are the forces that create the painting rather then an impression or conscious ‘idea’. I prefer rather to let the painting be the process and the process be born out of life.

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Born 1984, Durban, South Africa
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Education and Residencies
2013 Painting and Drawing Summer Program, NY Academy of Art, New York City
2008 – 2012 Continuing Education, School of Visual Arts, New York City
2002 – 2007 BA, Business and Philosophy, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Islanders, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City
2014 Out of Africa, Carnegie Hall Ubuntu: Arts of South Africa,
Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City
2014 Yankee Zulu, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 The Art of Living (curated by Rhys Lee), Arts Project Australia, Melbourne, Australia
2018 Eyes in the Heat, George Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2018 Sieben, Ober Gallery, Kent, Connecticut
2018 WunderKammer, KH7 Artspace, Aarhus, Denmark
2017 Wet Ya Whistle, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 The Island Show, Galleri Kant, Fanø, Denmark
2017 AWKWARD (with John Bradford, Katherine Bradford, Siro Cugusi, William Hawkins, Paul Housley, Cristina Lama and Tim Stoner), Anna Zorina Gallery,
New York City
2017 Outlook (with Spencer Shakespeare), Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017 Got Dressed in the Dark, Divisible Gallery, Dayton, Ohio
2017 Domestic Tranquility, Zero Zero, Los Angeles, California
2016 Holly Coulis, Shaun Ellison, Caroline Larsen, Karen Lederer, Wythe Hotel,
Brooklyn, New York
2016 Hawaii Swim 5.0, New image Art, West Hollywood, California
2016 Inside Outside, Able Baker Contemporary, Portland, Maine
2015 Summer Group Show, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City
2015 AWKWARD, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
2014 Summer on Chelsea-Élysées, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City
2013 Heart of Art, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City