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Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to present OktobArtFest featuring the paintings of Peter Herrmann and sculptures of Hans Scheib. The project room will concurrently present video sculptures by Marck.

The works of Herrmann and Scheib resonate with a rhythm captured through confident, uninhibited gestures. Their styles add a rawness and candidness to the subject matter resulting in a direct feeling of intimacy. Both from East Germany, they shared their first exhibition in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell. Now twenty-five years after the reunification of Germany, Peter and Hans continue to exhibit together showcasing works instilled with the same pure expressionistic passion that was their necessary relief while growing up at odds with the system of their post-war country.

PETER HERRMANN’s painting technique is inspired by methods he learned through his initial studies in process engraving. The blocks of vivid, saturated color are etched to reveal underlying layers and further overlapped with thick outlines to create pulsating patterns. The build-up of paint results in the flattening of space and the distortion of perspective that offsets the honest and perceptive emotional depth of his imagery.

HANS SCHEIB transforms discarded wooden beams into figures that are suspended in a moment of dynamic action or quiet contemplation. The jagged marks from the artist’s chainsaw and chisel mingle with the wood grain to endow a unique history and character unto the sculptures, in effect heightening the element of vulnerability of the figures that are visibly fraught with longing, bewilderment, disbelief or delight.

Peter Herrmann (b. 1937, Großschönau, Germany) studied under Jürgen Böttcher whom he later joined in the artist group, Erste Phalanx Nedserd with AR Penck, Winfried Dierske, Peter Graf, and Peter Makolies. He is the winner of the Villa Romana Prize (1998) and the Fred Thieler Prize for painting (2001). He has shown in many notable European museums including the Museum of Modern Art, Berlin; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; and the Lindenau Museum, Altenburg. Herrmann’s paintings are part of prestigious collections such as the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts; the National Museums, Berlin; and the Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk, Cottbus.

Hans Scheib (b. 1949, Potsdam, Germany) studied sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden. His works are included in international public and private collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, Berlin; the Albertinum, Dresden; the Grassi Museum, Leipzig; the National Gallery, Berlin; the Kunsthalle Mannheim; and the National Art Museum of China, Beijing. He is the recipient of the Supporting Award for the Arts from the Academy of Arts, Berlin (1995); the Bautzen Award for Fine Arts (2005), and Egmont Schaefer Award for drawing (2014).

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