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Anna Zorina Gallery, Room 1005

Alonsa Guevara's nature-driven installation Alumbrados por la Misma Luna, or Lit by the Same Moon, offers a rich sensorial experience that focuses on one’s relationship to the modern environment through challenging contemporary ideas of excess.

With Alumbrados por la Misma Luna, Alonsa presents a shamanic symphony of enigmatic landscape paintings, handmade musical instruments, natural scents, and soft rhythmic music. Participants are encouraged to be fully present by removing themselves from their digital environment, and as suggested in the song, to just "Breathe."
Guevara’s meditative night landscapes function as windows from which we explore jungles, oceans and rivers bathed in cool moonlight. Animals, flowers, and figures hidden in the shadows are revealed from under the cover of darkness after close inspection. Viewers enter into the scenes and provide their own personal explanation for the mysterious rite that is unfolding before them.

The room is charged with the harmony of Alonsa's version of an Icaro, a South American shamanic song played during healing ceremonies. This nocturne guides participants through the room in repeating cycles that color the viewer's visual and tactile experience. Viewers are invited to integrate themselves into the installation by playing the ritualistic instruments. Earthy aromas fill the air to complete the sensory experience; the memory-provoking power of which serves as a lasting reminder of nature’s bounty.
The installation acknowledges that in a vast universe of inorganic particles, life on Earth is the ultimate excess, and we have the opportunity and obligation to protect it.

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