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Anastasia Bay - Artists - Anna Zorina Gallery

Portrait Image by Hugard & Vanoverschelde

Born 1988, Paris, France
Lives and works in Brussels

Bay studied fine art in Paris under François Boisrond at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Using bold shapes and line she explores figurative painting, deploying themes from the classical canon; nudes and still lifes. She's co-founder of the Brussels exhibitions platform: Clovis XV.  RECENT exhibitions include solos at Galerie Derouillon, Paris, France; Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels, Belgium and G/ART/EN in Como, Italy. She has shown extensively in international group shows at Villa Schöningen, Potsdam, Germany; White House Gallery, Lovenjoel, Belgium; Waldburger Wouters, Brussels, Belgium; Spurs Gallery, Beijing, China and NEVVEN, Göteborg, Sweden.

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