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Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to announce the first U.S. solo exhibition of London-based painter George Rouy. This will be the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.

Leaking Visions of Red features Rouy’s latest series of paintings that explore narratives in a way that presents a dual experience of secrecy and illumination. The artist pervasive use of red paint explores the wide-range of connotations and visceral reactions to the color resulting in works that are potent with intrigue.

Leaking Visions of Red depicts imagery that is soaked up into the canvas and seeps out into view. The works embody oversaturation through harnessing the behavior particular to the condition. Rouy’s past experiences emerge from shadow as tangling figures contorting their exaggerated limbs to push the limits of the canvas. His abstracted observations translate into sets of symbols and lone ciphers coded in red.

In Horse and Apple, a horse remains in view by twisting backwards to engage with a dazed female figure, biting her finger instead of the apple. Her lazy ecstasy against the strained neck of the horse renders an unclear rapport; the bite is both malicious and playful. The intense red shrouding Rouy’s dark realms reveal extremes simultaneously, both adoration and anger.

Rouy’s subjects are innately familiar and primal while also demonstrating a peculiar otherworldly quality. These ethereal forms appear as revelations or manifestations of a dream or underworld emanating with a force that cannot be contained. Slowly, they spill from the depths of the artist’s subconscious.

George Rouy (United Kingdom, 1994) received a Diploma in Art and Design from University for the Creative Art, Rochester (UK) in 2012 and his BA from Camberwell College of Arts, London (UK) in 2015. Rouy is developing his career on the international art stage with recent exhibitions including two solo shows in London, Squeeze Hard Enough It Might Just Pop! at Hannah Barry Gallery in 2018 and In Dirty Water at J Hammond Projects in 2017.

For further information, please contact Marie Nyquist at 212-243-2100
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