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Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to present the Leah Yerpe exhibition Levitation featuring graphite and charcoal drawings. The artist depicts a mesmerizing compilation of human figures within a realm unsusceptible to earthly physics. The people seem to dance or float within a blank environment void of gravity. The ambiguous background allows for the beauty and joy of movement to take precedence.

The artist gives free reign to her models resulting in poses with an inherent sense of freedom. The abandonment of restraint by each subject allows for impulsive and uncontrollable gestures to reveal an uncensored and honest self. The viewer thus gains access to a primal action. The accumulation of these candid moments forms a narrative that focuses on identity. Through employing a diverse range of characters, Yerpe illustrates her passion for exploring the hidden dynamics of strangers or our neighbors. She intertwines human form with spirit. The drama of the wild poses within the uncertain context captures the ways that humans interact with inner struggles or ambitions. The energetic movements are graceful yet twisted to portray the versatility of the human spirit.

The figures are facing unknown odds or elements. The stark white emptiness in the drawings becomes an important entity in its own. The uncertainty of the atmosphere allows for the viewer to fill in the missing pieces with information that is personally affective. It is Yerpe’s meticulous technical ability that becomes most clear. The refined strokes of graphite and ink endow a texture and captivating nuance to her photorealistic imagery. Meanwhile the layering of viewpoints adds mysterious depth and variability. Reminiscent of black and white photography, her drawings are a product of a creative passion driven by the desire to capture and immortalize the flashes of sincere, quick reactions as a means of documenting the intricacy of unknown individuals.

For further information, please contact Marie Nyquist at 212-243-2100
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