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Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to present Patty Horing in her debut solo exhibition, Ordinary Lives, featuring works that explore the narrative and psychological nature of portraiture. The paintings depict the artist’s friends and family. Her emotional attachment specific to each relationship allows for layers of vulnerability to be revealed, fostering a similarly intimate connection for the viewer. Horing includes distinguishing attributes both consciously and subconsciously. This resulting depth of knowledge renders Patty’s subjects as anything but ordinary.

Horing’s style is characterized by a confident and fluid handling of paint that combines close attention to detail with expressionist mark making. Her lush sweeping brushstrokes contribute a dynamic flow to the imagery. This sense of movement elevates the feeling of transience as if the moment is about to unfold into further action. The thick bands of color are swiftly applied in a way that exalts any imperfections and further humanizes the figures. She employs a vivid palette to imbue the figures with vivacious energy and to further exemplify the richly complex qualities of her sitters.

Horing’s oeuvre is comprised of close artistic evaluations of her community members. Her subjects are represented within the comfort of their homes offering a candid view into individual private realities. Often the paintings feature couples or families; their gestures towards each other allude to the nature of their bond. Intricate aspects are included in the surroundings, framing the individuals in a way that extends the portrait beyond the figure and into their environments, manifesting the manner in which they see themselves while also exposing how they want to be perceived within the larger context of society. For example, in Joe and Joe, the two men are posed in a way that mirrors the framed picture in the background of a bridge, thus the artist affirms the solidity and harmony of their relationship. The dignifying manner in which the artist portrays the facets of character broadens the span of her network by making each member seem innately familiar.

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