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Three graces, three artists, three women. Anna Zorina Gallery is proud to present Nadine Faraj, Alonsa Guevara and Patty Horing in a group exhibition Three Women that champions the creative visions from the feminine perspective. The various styles and concepts incorporated in the show are united through each artist’s provocative unsubmissive voice that endows each piece with emotional depth, compelling insight, and unabashed sexuality.

NADINE FARAJ deftly harnesses the volatility of the watercolor medium. She mediates restraint over the pigment’s boundaries through various techniques. The interaction of diluted colors results in a dynamic feeling of movement from a seemingly hallucinatory perspective. Hyperbolic attributes lend a sense of eroticism while the self-conscious or contemplative facial reactions express a profound awareness and sincerity. The distortions that affect these figures remark on the fluidity of identity within specific boundaries of societal contexts.

ALONSA GUEVARA’s seven years of living in the Ecuadorian jungle is the source of ceaseless inspiration that manifests in lush depictions of nature through a boldly vivid palette. In the Fruit Portraits, each circular-oriented work portrays a close-up examination of the intricate fiber structure of real or imaginary fruits. By referring to them as portraits, Guevara is personifying the subjects and thus transforming the interpretation of the bright glistening flesh. As a group, the visceral works act as an homage to Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party.

PATTY HORING paints portraits of her friends and family. The unique personal connection of each relationship is manifested through loose and confident brushstrokes to portray an inherent vulnerability and an essence of each person’s character. The psychological perspective reveals unique emotions and even ailments. The intimate connection transcends the painting to allow for an empathetic reaction from the viewer.

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