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Anna Zorina Gallery is honored to present REGULAR•NORMAL’s second iteration of the group exhibition, The Privilege of Getting Together. The show features fifteen artists each experimenting with mixed media and texture to speak on themes of community, gatherings, family, lineage, home, and relationships - themes many are thinking about within their own domestic spaces during the time of COVID-19.

The title of the show celebrates the viewer being present within the current moment while in the gallery observing the works. The exhibition serves as a reminder of the privileges, big or small, to which we have access, to be outside of our homes; to see artworks in person; to be in our bodies; to be open to exploring our emotions and imagination; to have a conversation with a loved one. The artworks highlight intimate moments like these. Informed by their cultural backgrounds from around the globe the artists collectively speak on the contemporary US experience.

In line with the values of REGULAR•NORMAL the founder, Danny Báez defines this contemporary space of dialogue as, “A place where integrity, mutual support and respect are the pillars that keep pushing our human connections and artistry forward. Where we teach, educate and learn with openness and real dedication - without discrimination. We want to disrupt the long perceived status quo of galleries, museums and institutions. We aim to create a place where love, unity and transparency are reinforced day in and day out. A place where all of our efforts come together in the true sense of collaboration. Until they turn into a regular and normal thing. Our legacy starts now.”

For press inquires, please contact Thomas Brown, Olu & Company,

For further information or inquiries, please contact Marie Nyquist at 212-243-2100
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